Who We Are

We are a group that gathers to collectively consider a variety of readings in economics and areas pertinent to economic choices.  We are a diverse group, and do not advocate or collectively champion any particular ideology.  Quality and importance, rather than ideology, guides our selection of readings.  We respect a wide variety of viewpoints, even when they conflict with those we may hold individually.

We meet in person monthly to discuss and interpret some selected reading.  The readings we choose to consider can be either contemporary contributions or older classics.  Contemporary readings may be popular writings creating a stir in the economics community and beyond, or those that some of our readers have read and recommend. The classic readings we select have been important in the development and explanation of historical economic thought, and have been vetted by their influence over time.  While a few of us are well versed in economics, most of us are have no special expertise in the field.

Our monthly meetings proceed on the basis of interactive discussion.  Our discussion group just has a modest number of participants. We sit with an  important text that we have previously selected and that forms the basis of our discussion, as we attempt to understand it and some of its implications.  Our learning model is based upon interactive discussion rather than lecture or formal presentation.  We understand the utility that lectures and formal presentations may provide, but this is not how our meetings proceed.  Rather, we hope to come to terms with our texts as we listen to each other interpret our readings, and as we attempt to come to terms with these readings ourselves.  We believe that this more active form of engagement brings the subject matter more fully to life in our minds.  We further believe that teaching both others and ourselves is more a matter of what each of us comes to individually think rather than what we are told or otherwise instructed.  So the interaction among us is vital.

This website has several purposes complementary to our in-person meetings.  Not everyone who might wish to can attend our meetings.  They may still offer their thoughts on this website at the appropriate place and potentially get some interaction.  Or members who attend meetings may have further thoughts on the subjects we have discussed.  We encourage those with further thoughts to develop their ideas in writing on this site.  The end of our meeting need not mean the end of the discussion.


Why Economics?

Although we have wide-ranging interests ranging from history to sociology to politics, we focus upon economics and areas relevant to economics.  We hope to attract a variety of perspectives and are therefore nonpartisan as a group.  Yet as citizens in a self-governing republic, we appreciate the importance of civic dialogue in fulfilling our responsibilities in pursuit of a more perfect union.  Economics provides a venue offering both some measure of objectivity and comprehensive social concern.  Besides, most issues of political importance have economic implications.  So as a group, our objective is to gain increasing clarity over the choices we face.  It should go without saying that discussions are collegial and friendly.  Partisan disparagement is unproductive.  We are looking for insight and understanding.



Class Struggles


Online community

Any interested reader can contribute to this online discussion by first contacting Charles, the administrator, and getting approved.   Please go to the Contact Us page for further guidance.  This registration process is essentially a spam filter.  Nobody who registers will then be added to some other extraneous or unwanted list , and your contact information will not be shared.  And anyone who wishes that their contact information be expunged at some point will have their wishes honored. Anyone can read what we post but to contribute all must be registered.