Who We Are

We are a group of readers who want to better understand our social world, and our individual places in this world.  More specifically, we realize that most people spend the lion’s share of their time and energy in economic pursuits, and that a grasp of the economic framework in which we live and work helps us better comprehend our times, our choices, and our lives.  Furthermore, many of our most important political decisions have critical economic components.  So understanding economic realities is vitally important to our role as responsible citizens of a democracy.

We do not have a political orientation or agenda as a group, even though we all individually have our political preferences  Rather, we hope to understand economic alternatives as well as the political consequences of such alternatives.  We can then individually make our political decisions.  We hope to uncover the truth and clarify values implicit in our readings.  Diversity of opinion is more important to us than popular consensus.  All participants are to be respected insofar as they remain within the bounds of reason, evidence, and pertinence.  And we intend to consider important contributions regardless of the political inclinations of those who support such contributions.

In person community

Our monthly meetings proceed through interactive discussion.  Since diversity of opinion is so important, courtesy and collegiality will prevail.  Similar standards apply to contributions online.

Although our subject is economics and political economy, we all  come from a variety of backgrounds.  We are students, hoping to learn and participate in the learning process.  Anyone with a strong background in economics is certainly quite welcome, but should also realize that most others will not have the same familiarity with the subject.



Class Struggles


Online community

Any interested reader can contribute to this online discussion by first contacting Charles, the administrator, and getting approved.   Please go to the Contact Us page for further guidance.  This registration process is essentially a spam filter.  Nobody who registers will then be added to some other extraneous or unwantede list , and your contact information will not be shared.  And anyone who wishes that their contact information be expunged at some point will have their wishes honored. Anyone can read what we post but to contribute all must be registered.