Climate Change and Sustainability

The subjects of climate change and environmental sustainability obviously have extensive economic dimensions.  As time passes, and our ecological crises become inexorably more severe, these subjects may well eclipse ever more current concerns. Therefore, they will be ongoing concerns for this group.

Currently these concerns are both political and economic.  As our collective troubles become ever more acute, perhaps the politics will become increasingly clear.  Perhaps.  Meanwhile, the economics of addressing these problems should be clarified and be made accessible.

In all probability, humanity is already in for more trouble than most now realize.  The problems are truly daunting.  We need to realistically understand the extent of the problems.  At the same time, we need to explore feasible solutions.  One without the other is insufficient.  Since we must know both the problems and the potential solutions, we will be disappointed in those who cannot at least try to transcend the problems by offering  some hope for solutions.

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