Welcome!  This website and blog originally appeared in August, 2021, to accompany a small group meeting to discuss selected economics readings in Loudoun County, Virginia.  But this web site is open to all who might be interested.  The schedule of current and upcoming readings is provided below.   Anyone interested in contributing to this blog, by either posting thoughts or commenting on existing posts, should visit the “contact us” page for instructions.


Schedule of Current and Upcoming Readings.

The schedule for this website revolves around the monthly discussions held in Virginia.  These meetings occur Saturdays at noon, around the middle of each month at the Rust Library in Leesburg.


On October 15 we discussed the first half of Sarah Chayes’s Corruption in America.  We will discuss the whole book at our November 19 meeting.


Those interested in likely candidates for upcoming readings should visit our “Potential Readings” page.  That is also a good place to nominate readings you think we would enjoy.