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This blog originally appeared in August, 2015 to accompany a small group of readers as we made our way through Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  Those of us who started then are now finished reading the book.  Among the group who started, most of the commentary on this site has been contributed by just two of us.  Others who would like to contribute are still quite welcome.  If you are new to this site and have not commented before, and wish to for the first time, please see the “Contact Us” page for instructions on how to get a password, which is necessary for contributors.

(No) Schedule

Since we started reading the book together, there was originally a schedule.  There is now no such need.  This blog is now open to anyone to read whatever part they would like, and, once securing a password, to contribute to whatever part they would like.  Originally, contributions were somewhat limited.  Contributors were asked not to comment on sections ahead of where we were in the schedule so as not to spoil any surprises any first-time readers may have in store as the plot unfolds.  This is still a valid concern.  So now postings and associated commentary will be divided into five sections, Volume One, Volume Two, Volume Three, and Volume Four and Epilogues, and the book as a whole.  This way those who may be reading the book for the first time may stick to the commentary appropriate to their stage in the reading without having developments in the book revealed before Tolstoy may have wished.  Others may post their thoughts and comments wherever they please, so long as what they say does not spoil anything for readers who have not passed beyond the state indicated.  Do not, for example, discuss events in Volume Three while commenting on Volume One.  Anyone who prefers not to be bound by such considerations should record their thoughts in the section of the blog devoted to the book as a whole.

Originally, we thought of this as a blog with a short life span, not much longer than it would take the original group to read the book.  Upon further consideration, this seems unnecessary.  We will keep the blog open as long as there appears to be at least some interest, judged by contributors making occasional postings or comments.  New comers are welcome as long as this blog is active.  (If it becomes inactive and then archived, this will be prominently noted.)  I suspect that I and others will be interested in thoughts relating to War and Peace for some time after we have completed the reading.

Thanks for your interest.